Friday, March 16, 2007

10 Years

It has been almost 10 whole years since my husband and I got married. I don't feel that old (I turned 35 earlier this month). Go ahead, say some nice things in the comments. ;) We've had a great relationship, filled with ups and downs like any other, but we've been building this little family (not so little anymore!) on which we four can depend, always-- in any situation -- and I hope it stays like that forever.

It feels funny to post a "where are they now" for my knits because this blog hasn't been around very long. But nonetheless, M wears this hat and mittens almost every single day. And I love this photo.


Teaching my own said...

congratulations on 10 years! yay! I am a new knitter, and I have to say it's the most addicting hobby!! I am enjoying it emensely. I'll have to come back again if you ever do anymore contests. I'd love to win some yarn!


tiennie said...

Happy Anniversary!! Wishing you many more to come!

Mandy said...

Happy happy anniversary! And many more, too.

Is that hat an Ear Cozies pattern from Fiber Trends? Is is adorable! I've made that pattern many times.