Monday, September 29, 2008

Ah Success

Finally. I made a hat that fits. You'll have to trust me on the fitting part--he did not want to wear it for the camera. (Give it a month for the temps to dip down a bit...)

Very Warm Hat with skulls

Very Warm Hat with skulls Very Warm Hat with skulls
Pattern: Very Warm Hat by Elizabeth Zimmerman (a hand-out from Knitting Camp 07)
Motif: A modified "We Call Them Pirates" chart provided to me by Stacee (knittingelephant)
Yarn: Cascade 220 (.4 skeins of blue and gold)

Blue and gold were chosen because those are the colors of the boy's coat. Not for any team affiliation. I grew up in Ohio and had to say this *first thing* to my mother, who still believes if you wear blue and gold you are, even if you don't mean it, rooting for Michigan.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Try, Try...Try Again?

This is my second attempt with this hat. I tried it last year, as well.

Second Try

This time it's too big. And it's made with a large seam that's designed to cover the ears with double the fabric. I like the idea in theory, but in practice it means that there's a big, chunky seam running right through the pattern. And you can see it, especially since it's too big for his noggin.

So, ever emboldened (?!), I've decided to try again, but this time I'm using Meg Swansen's V. Warm Hat (Rav link) that I got at Knitting Camp last year, and N has chosen the motif from the We Call Them Pirates hat. Should be interesting! At least this one is completely's basically two hats, one knit inside the other. I hope it'll work. It has's the third time.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

New Start

I know we were asking for it, but starting in the first grade instead of Kindergarten turns out to not be the most seamless experience on the planet. But he has stepped up and has taken the whole thing in stride.

Don't Look Back
Tuesday when he started school it was 92 degrees. Today, two days later, it won't even hit 60. Things are just very weird here, overall. The whole school experience and weather wackiness have left me feeling a bit unmoored.

But I did finish a baby cardigan for a baby shower I'm attending in a few weeks. It's the Easy Baby Cardigan by Knitting Pure & Simple, made with stash yarn: Sheep's Gift from Joslyn's Fiber Farm. It's very lovely and there was plenty in one skein to make this sweater. I might even crank out a hat to match, since I already bought pink Robeez for the little one, who is due in October. She'll need a wool sweater, if today is any indication of the Fall and winter that are ahead of us.
Easy Baby Cardigan

Monday, September 01, 2008

The Summer Away

It appears as if I took the summer "off" from blogging. The truth is there are a whole lot of reasons why I haven't. And they seemed to overwhelm the reasons why I should. And that is all.

We still haven't sold our house. I'm convinced at this point that we'll spend the rest of 2008 here and a good portion of 2009. We have about 40 days left on our listing, and after that we are not relisting it until after the holidays. Who wants to spend Nov & Dec keeping their house immaculate for showings? Not I, said the fly.

So it works out Ok. Really it does. Thankfully my husband is his own boss in his new venture and he has been working from our house since July 1. He can continue to do that, with semi-weekly commutes to Boston.

Our son starts school tomorrow (!) and if we don't have to move him immediately to a new school, I think that's what we prefer at this point. Some may remember he's due to start kindergarten, but we inquired with the principal about whether or not he has made leaps of progress so as to sit well in first grade. A few weeks ago he was tested by a first-grade teacher who deemed his skills to be more than adequate for first grade, so off to first grade he goes. He'll be the young one, but we're confident that he'll do well. (And when he gets older, we can tease him about never learning to share because he "skipped" kindergarten.)

As for me, well...I'm just trying to ride the sea of change, for lack of worse imagery. Our daughter most likely will be home with me all the days because we didn't enroll her in preschool because we thought we were leaving. It's a difficult place to be in...leaving but on hold. Going but staying. But I think I've mastered it by now--we've been in a holding pattern for quite awhile.

Ear Cozies for Iowa
Ear Cozies by Fiber Trends
I haven't blogged, but I have knit! Earlier this summer I churned out a few hats for the Iowa flood victims. There is still time to provide items for them, although now I suspect with the hurricanes in LA, MS and TX, Iowa's flood victims might get "lost". They are taking:
  • mittens
  • caps
  • scarves
  • afghans
  • prayer shawls
  • baby blankets
  • dishcloths
  • socks
  • infants, children’s and adult sweaters
Everything should be sent by November 1 to:

Post office address:
Cottage Creations
At the Farm on Deer Creek
Carpenter, Iowa 50426

UPS or Fed Ex address:
Carol Anderson
4562 Zinnia Ave.
St. Ansgar, IA 50472

I have matching mittens in the works. It'd be so nice if you could churn something out to warm a little head in Iowa this winter. Many people there lost everything in the floods of June.