Monday, November 17, 2008

FO: Helena!

It's suspicious that I only blog when I have something finished. At least, I think it's suspicious. I'm afraid of boring anyone with WIPs and complaints, which seem to fill most of my days and nights nowadays. Heard of a little thing called the crashing financial economy? It's lately affecting us directly. There has been talk of moving to Singapore. (and not as a joke, either.)


But Knit On, dear friends, isn't Elizabeth Zimmerman's advice pertinent as ever?


For Halloween, we traveled to visit family on the East Coast and I had a lot of precious knitting time. I was able to crank out most of the skirt of Helena and all of one sleeve, too. My plan was to use a worsted weight wool to knit a holiday sweater for the three-year-old in our house. I had this O-Wool Classic in Sumac that I got (drastically reduced, mind you) awhile ago, and thought it would be perfect. Helena (Ravelry project link) calls for DK-weight wool, however, so I decided to knit a size 2, but knit the length to a size 4. I ended up just knitting and knitting and I think, all told, this is really closer to a size 5/6. And thankfully so. The little lady has long arms (like me) and she'll be able to wear this next year and maybe even the year after that.


She likes it. I love it. I think it's the prettiest thing I've ever knit and I'm very happy with it. I already have black leggings to match it for Thanksgiving (and a black shirt for underneath) and green/red leggings for Christmas. We'll get as much mileage out of this sweater as possible. After all, it's 86 degrees every single day in Singapore. (sob)


Helena buttons (ladybugs)
Ladybug buttons (what else?)


misplacedpom said...

s is so cute! I love the big grin your daughter has while she's wearing it :o)

sue said...

It is so gorgeous. I love the red too and the ladybug buttons look perfect on it.

Yarn Devil said...

OOH what a beautiful sweater!!! It looks soooo good on her too! Glad she likes it! Glad you love it! And yes... get all the milage you can!
Thank you for sharing the pics!

Ruth said...

Beautiful sweater ... wait, what? SINGAPORE?!?

Angie said...

Beautiful sweater and it is lovely on and will be great during the holidays. I have a close friend who moved with her DH and 2 girls to Singapore. There were a lot of things she liked about living there although they've been back in Texas for a few years now.

Mandy said...

OMG - Singapore? I'll say my bestest prayers that you end up wherever you want to end up.

I think that Helena is just the cutest. Has me immediately thinking if I have yarn in the stash for it! Great sweater.

Devonshire said...

Beautiful! It looks so great on her. Boston??

tiennie said...

I absolutely love this! It is so beautiful on your adorable daughter!

Paige said...

Gorgeous sweater! It doesn't sound like you're excited about the idea of Singapore so I'll be hoping this all works out for you!

Carrie said...

It's super cute, Jen! And she looks precious in it, of course.

goodkarma said...

helena is so. cute. I like it much better here than I did when I first saw it. Love the growing into sweaters.