Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Speedy Recovery Blanket

About a week ago we got some not-great news that a favorite cousin who underwent surgery to remove a cancerous tumor will also have to undergo further treatment for cancer. She is 42.

Not yet willing to pump out a few hats for her, I decided to cook up a blanket. I looked around Ravelry for awhile for something I wanted to knit. I really did. I wanted something easy for TV knitting, something chunky but a little interesting.

So I ended up doing it myself.

Hip To Be Square BlanketLink
Hip To Be Square Blanket
Yarn: Four skeins of Wool Pak 10ply (aka 1600 yards of any worsted, held double)

I hope it finds my cousin safely and helps to keep her warm. It's certainly not a ground-breaking pattern, but it was quick and easy. If you're not interested in applied i-cord for the edging, you can choose your own.

Hip To Be Square Blanket
She's not sick in this photo (this morning), but last week she came down with a doozy of a virus with a fever and a sore throat. Just in time for -20 degree weather, too. So she was out of school Wednesday (sick), and then school was cancelled Thursday and Friday. That makes four school cancellations so far this winter season.

Deep Freeze Jan 16 2009
Friday I put them in handknits and let them make Playdoh ice cream. It seemed to occupy them, at least. But it was odd, I must say. It contributed to the alternate-reality feeling I had all day. It's strange to be afraid of the out-of-doors.

In other news, I have actually become a working mommy again. Well, for the time-being anyway. I picked up some freelance work with my old employer. They've been very good about tossing me work now and then since I quit there 6.5 years ago before our son was born.

And so far, we are still in limbo regarding our long-term residence! Fairly soon we should know if we need to put the house up for sale (again) and actually sell it this time, or if we can make plans to stay. (Stay---what a delicious word.) I'm voting for the latter, but I've never been Ms. Moneybags, so we'll see how it all shakes out.


Yarn Devil said...

Love the blankie! Simple and stitched with healing love! is that not what we all would love in a blankie?

Paige said...

Love the blanket and the kids' sweaters! I am off work for a snow day today. Snow = less than an inch on the ground and none falling. Crazy.

Jodi said...

What a great, cozy blanket! Best of luck to your friend, and good luck to you with your work/potential move/etc.

Keep warm! I usually don't mind winter, but I'm happy to have it above zero(F) again.

Jadielady said...

Beautiful blanket! I have one almost exactly like it that someone made for me, and it is SO warm. I usually sleep under it :)

Bertha said...

Oh, that blanket looks so cozy! I hope your cousin heals quickly and that you have news of your living situation soon!

Eliza said...

Your blanket is wonderful. I hope your cousin likes it, and makes a speedy recovery!

I hope the work/future/housing situation works itself out soon. That can be such a headache!

tiennie said...

That is such a great blanket. I wish your cousin well!

Trista Hill said...

Oooooohhhh!!! Look at that blanket! Decades ago I tried to make something exactly like that -- squares and all, in white. Now here it is in living color. I love it. I also love that you know exactly how to comfort someone. Thank you for caring for so many the way you do.

Ruth said...

What a marvelous blanket! I think I want one of those.

We've been going through a ton of play-doh around here. Keeping it away from the baby, who is inclined to use it as a snack rather than a plaything, is a challenge, but we're running out of other things to do. This is the point at which winter -- which I long for in July -- starts to draaaaaag.

javieth said...
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