Tuesday, March 11, 2008

No New Knits

Blog posts are daunting when you have no new knitting to show. But there has been stash acquisition and other fun things, so I'll go ahead anyway.

This past weekend the knitting guild in my city hosted a Knit-In and I came away with quite a few items:

Skacel Preludio
Tribbles. More specifically, 12 Tribbles for free.
Won as a door prize.

Blue buttons
Blue buttons from Jennie The Potter
I couldn't resist!

Pink button for Imogen
Pink Button for Imogen from Jennie The Potter

Mountain Colors bearfoot
MC Bearfoot for Periwinkle Beret
to match my brown winter coat

Aussi Sock
Aussi Sock in Faded Valentine

I also may or may not have purchased 8 skeins of Black Water Abbey 2-ply in Ocean. She didn't have them on hand, so I don't have them in hand, but I think they are making their way to my house as I type. Or perhaps that was allllll a dream.

I do know one thing. This week is "Kids Week" at the local children's hospital and because we were there today for a pre-operative appointment, we got two "doctor bags".

Is there a doctor in the house?

Surgical masks turn out to be a really handy plaything when your 5 year old has a low fever. Can I just point out that...shouldn't every week be "Kids Week" at a children's hospital?

Miss M is scheduled for her tonsillectomy/adenoidectomy March 19. Yes, we'd like a matched pair, please. No seriously, I know this looks and sounds ridiculous. But rest assured that we are not operating on our children willy-nilly. Our ENT is a very conservative guy and we all agree it's time to take hers out, too. Even the nurse practitioner who saw her today commented on the size of M's tonsils.

Ah life. It just keeps doling out the sweet and the not-so-much sweet.


Bertha said...


2. Poor M. But at least they'll both be done and out of the way, never to be worried about again!

goodkarma said...

Love love the buttons. Both the blue and the pink. So pretty! And thanks for reminding me of the periwinkle beret... I forgot about that one! I loved knitting with Bearfoot (socks) and I think you'll love your hat. I'll be thinking of Little Miss!

knitting elephant said...

Love the buttons and stash! The kids look adorable in their doctor garb, for sure. I'm so glad you'll have the tonsils issues behind you with both kids soon... Good luck, M!

Katie said...

Yes, every week should be Kids' Week at a children's hospital! Very adorable pic. I know you'll be relieved when it's all over and done with.

Knitting said...

Excellent Post!!Lovely Lovely Buttons..Thanks for sharing.

Mandy said...

No knitting, but tons of great goodies. Love the buttons and the yarn. Hope the surgery goes well.

tiennie said...

What great purchases!

I would never judge you on doing what you, your husband and doctor feels is best for your children. You are very thoughtful and caring and only want the best for them. Good luck on the next surgery!

Sue said...

You got some very lovely things!!

Anne said...

Oh how fun those masks and such are to play with :D Much sweet thoughts to your little one, and much drooling over your yarn!

Sonya said...

I love the the blue buttons!
I hope all goes well with the T&A and that she has a speedy recovery :)

nova said...

Those buttons are really quite fabulous!

I hope the wee ones are on the mend.

NH Knitting Mama said...

You got some great goodies (yarn, buttons, etc.)...

I hope the kids are okay, and you sail into some better times.

Genuine_Lye said...

Faded Valentine---I LOVE THAT NAME and I LOVE those colors.

I also dided something bad. You've been tagged. Check out me blog for details. This one is very quick and easy, though!