Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Where Is Spring?

Hi again. I feel the need to introduce myself. Hi. I'm Jen and I knit. Sometimes. Lately, not so much. And because I'm not too big on complaining publicly, and lately I've had not much nice to say, I've resorted to...well, not saying much. Which is probably not the right thing to do because I think about blogging quite a bit.

Just do it, right?

Genuine tagged me on her blog and even said I'm "very inventive" so I guess I need to follow through with that or lose her respect forever. This is a six-word memoir and it can include an illustration. Mine will not.

Reads, knits, writes; usually plays nicely.

Boring? Well, tough. In truth I would have liked to write something like "Writer saves humanity with poignant prose." But I have neither the ego nor the crystal ball to say that. So I'll stick to the here and now.

In other news, our daughter sailed through her tonsillectomy & adenoidectomy last week, but not through her recovery. It has been a tough, long slog. Two days after the surgery, she came down with croup and a nasty cold. Which meant she didn't want to eat. At all. Not even ice cream, popsicles or pudding could entice her. So it has been rough, but we're managing. She's almost 3, so she's got that 2/3 thing going on, too.

I was able to finish another diaper cover (before the surgery)! This is another soaker for Sam. It's from 100purewool's 3ply; the color is Brown Lilac and I just love it.
Curly Purly Diaper Cover for Sam

I also finished the second sock in a pair (after the surgery). This pair is made with Duet from A Swell Yarn Shop. I had traded for it on Ravelry a little while ago. I have to say while I adore the colors (cream, tan, pinks) I'm not in love with the yarn base. I found it splitty and squeaky. I think I've decided I'll mostly stick with wool/nylon blends for socks after this one. Superwash 100% wool just rubs me the wrong way. It feels too much like acrylic to me.

Duet Spring Socks

Even though they are heavy wool socks, there's something about them that says "spring" isn't there? (Despite the fact that we're supposed to get two more inches of snow tomorrow. On top of our 100+ inches for the season--we passed by our previous record of 76 inches awhile ago. Oh the humanity!)


Jodi said...

Cute spring socks! I hope the snow melts quickly, and things calm down for you.

Bertha said...

Ugh, so sorry your daughter's healing didn't go as well as your boy's did...I hope she'll be feeling a lot better soon.

I do so love those socks though!

Devonshire said...

I do hope that M will be feeling better soon. The socks are super cute as is the diaper cover. May the snow stay away....

Katie said...

More than 76" of snow...??? Jeez. I had no idea any place could get that much. Wish we could get a little bit of that in rain (but not 76" of it).

I hope y'all get back to normal really soon! And yes, 2/3 is a tough age!

tiennie said...

Cute knits! I hope your daughter is better.

Yeah, where is spring? It snowed here today too

Carrie said...

The soaker and the socks are so cute! So glad your daughter is getting better. and I would be so, so sad if we got snow right now. or even if it gets cold again. Bring on the spring!

Genuine_Lye said...

How is that 3 ply merino? I've worked with some popular diaper-cover yarn (Marr Haven, although I don't knit diaper covers!) and I keep hearing about this other yarn.

Your 6 word bit was funny.

jessica said...

I hope your little one is feeling beter, I hate it when they don't eat, sleep, or interact very well. It makes our job that much harder. Love the socks, very cute! as well as the diaper cover too, great color!

Anne said...

Oh dear, I do hope things are picking up with your little one now! That can be so draining - and scary! Your socks are looking gorgeous =) I do like the colors and think they yell Spring!