Saturday, October 11, 2008

Warm Heads, Warm Hearts

These hats were so much fun to make, I almost wish I had more children.
Very Warm Hats
Almost, but you know, not really. I love my kids, but we've been passing around an intestinal bug and I am glad we only have four people in the house.
Snowflake Hat
Very Warm Hat by Meg Swansen, a handout from Knitting Camp '07
Chart by Tiennie Knits "Norwegian Star Earflap Hat"
Yarn: Cascade 220 Paints #9867 & Cascade 220 white


Anonymous said...

That second picture is absolutely adorable!

Bertha said...

Oh man, your kids are so adorable!

Mandy said...

I give you permission to knit more hats than you have heads to fill.

And I echo what the other comments have (and will) say...those kids are adorable!

tiennie said...

What sweet kids in their cute hats! :) cx

knitting elephant said...

Way to go! I love them both... and the kiddos are cute, too. :-)

Ruth said...

Very, very cute (the kids and the hats), intestinal bug or not.

jessica said...

love the hats! but your kids are just adorable!!!