Sunday, December 10, 2006

Smiley Baby Cardigan

As this is only my third entry, I'll stick with some things recently finished. This is a modified Easy Baby Cardigan (free!) made with Henry's Attic Kona Merino. This was my first experience with superwash, and while it wasn't entirely unpleasant, it wasn't very special either. It's nice to have washable garments for children, but I think next time I'll stick with cotton if I really want to be able to get away without hand-washing. This was also my first time knitting from the top-down! I *adore* this method of knitting garments and want one of these for myself. The sweater practically knit itself. Was really fun.

Mods include seed stitch collar and button band. I also should have made the arms longer--M is going to be tall like her parents. This will not fit her next year, unfortunately, even though the body will be long enough, the arms will be too short.

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Anonymous said...

Hi! I have a sweet 20 month old and am due with #3 in 3 months (oh my gosh, help me!) and I would love to knit a sweater JUST LIKE YOURS! I looked at the pattern but I would want to make the same mods that you did. I love the seed stitch collar, but have never knitted anything other than a St. st. roll collar. Any chance you'd post or email a little more detail on the modifications you made? Ie. number of stitches picked up and how you shaped the collar, how you worked the button holes in the seed stitch button bands, how many stitches you used in the button bands, how many rows of seed stitch on the cuffs and bottom edging, etc. That'd be just sweet if you could, though I understand it'll take some time, which is oft in short supply with little ones. Lovely work, by the way :) Oh, and I followed you here from knitty-bloggy-baby bumpers. I'm thinking of joining there, if I can figure out what I want to knit for my little blessing, and what gender neutral color I can stand to knit it in.

Best regards!