Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Blueberries & Chocolate

Lemme tell you, this was a lot of garter stitch. I had a 14" square pillow to cover, and I was using Denim yarn, which usually shrinks about 15 percent lengthwise when washed. And I needed an overlap of about 2-3 inches, because I think it's only sane to be able to take your pillows out of pillowcases to wash both. I must be nutty, because you wouldn't believe how many knitted pillow coverings I found sewn completely shut. Well, I do live in the real world, with two children no less, and I need to wash stuff. So anyway, that puts us up to 31 inches of garter stitch, not counting the shrinkage...I believe it was 36" long when all was said and done, before washing. The above is after washing and the below...well, the photo says it all! I'm definitely happy with it--easy project for classy results. Just a tad boring. Next up...maybe an aran pillow (with buttons to open!) from Debbie Bliss' Knitting Workbook.

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