Saturday, February 24, 2007

Inspiration found.

For some reason, I keep gravitating toward cute little knit dresses. This one literally found me. I never pick up this knitting magazine. I subscribe to one knitting magazine, and usually don't even pick up others. But in the grocery the other day, I just happened to glance over, picked this one up and found this:

Most of the rest of the patterns do not interest me in the least (there is one other I might eventually make), but for some reason I want to cast on immediately for this little dress. I have this cotton in my stash:
But I fear it's not quite enough. It's a millend of Cherry Tree Hill North Country Cotton. I have 13 oz, and it's about 600 yards. The pattern calls for 2 hanks of Schaefer Laurel, which are 400 yards each. Hmm, prolly won't work. :/ Gotta go yarn-hunting again!

As an aside, I showed the pattern to my non-knitting sister, who said that wearing knitted things in the summer is weird. Even after I said it was a cotton yarn. ?


JulieFrick said...

Dude! T-shirts are knit, albiet at a very fine gauge. And remember those terry cloth coverups we all wore on the beach as kids? Knit that dress! It's scrumptious! It would make a FAB beach coverup!

Sue said...

I saw that dress in that magazine, too, and I am planning on knitting it, as well. I think it’s adorable. I also don’t think it’s weird to wear knitted things in the summer. I bet your sister would be surprised to realize just how many things are knitted that she wears in the summer. ;-)