Thursday, May 31, 2007

Did You See?

Jared is embarking on the adult Tomten cruise! He's such a good knitter, so I'm really interested to see what modifications he makes and how it turns out. Maybe I'll be able to salvage my big, gartery thing based on his experience.

For now I'm plugging away on socks and really enjoying it. Pictures, hopefully, tomorrow. I made a mistake in the pattern so I need to rip back. Thank god I put in a lifeline.

Today we spent an ungodly amount of time at the health clinic for our daughter's first visit with the ENT doctor. He recommended surgery to insert tiny tubes in her ear drums to help fluid drain. Then they were able to fit us in to see everyone else we needed to see before scheduling the surgery for Tuesday! Although I know it will be traumatic to see her under anesthesia, and no surgery is without risk, we are very happy about the prospect of getting her off the seemingly constant cycle of antibiotics.


nova said...

I hope everything goes well at the doctor's. And yes, I too am a fan of the lifelines. I use them all the time. Actually, I don't know if I'd accomplish veyr much without them!

tiennie said...

Ugh... my oldest daughter was on the constant ear infection rounds too. I hope all goes well for your daughter! Even though she will be under anesthesia - it will only be for a short time and she won't have to be in constant pain from the ear infections anymore.

misplacedpom said...

I had this type of surgery done repeatedly when I was a kid (dad's jaw plus mom's skull meant mightily squished ear tubes and mulitple ear infections.) I don't remember there being any pain involved, it was just annoying that once the tubes were in I wasn't allowed to go swimming anymore because you can't put your head underwater!

I hope everything goes well for your daughter!