Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Hi there. Since I put that "Blogging without Obligation" button on my blog, it seems I've turned into a blog slacker. Anyway, with good reason.

See, we're moving to Boston. We currently live in Wisconsin, and have lived here for seven years. It is home for me. But, for reasons that will go unexplained right now on the blog, it's better for us financially to move to Boston. We are planning to do that next spring/summer. Which is coming up faster than one might think.

So this past weekend, my husband, our daughter and I went to Boston to check out neighborhoods and preschools. (Our son had a *great* weekend with grandma and grandpa.) Preschools, as some people know, start enrolling almost a year before, so I knew we needed to get that in line pretty quickly.

I will spare you the gory details, but our trip was mostly crap. I got lost a million times, despite having a GPS in the rental car. M came down with a fever, and our plane was delayed for 3+ hours at Logan on the way back. Previously, my worst flying experience had been an unexpected overnight stay in O'Hare way back in 1996 or 97. That was before children. This was worse--having a dehydrated, feverish, angry toddler in an airport for most of an afternoon was something I hope never to repeat again.

We were fortunate to meet Devon for lunch on Friday, while M was still perky and feeling well, and that was the highlight of the trip for us! Devon is such a sweetheart--she brought a coloring book and crayons for M. It was so nice to meet her in person and determine that she really is as genuine and goodhearted as one thinks she is.

Thankfully, I had some time to knit on the plane. I worked on the Top-Down Jacket:
Elderberry Top-Down Jacket

I still plan to post an indepth review of the Beaverslide McTaggert Tweed, because this is the most interesting yarn I've worked with yet. It has some different properties, in my opinion. I think it's working up nicely and I'm excited about the project still, which is a feat after all of this stockinette.

There's also my niece's sweater:
Abbie's Top-Down Roll neck sweater
Which will be done for her 12/28 birthday. This is the yarn I dyed with Kool-aid.

I also thought I'd post about an upcoming project. After finishing the Donegal Vest for Christmas for my mom, I'd like to tackle this for myself:
Snowshoe Aran Pullover Sweater
It's a Top-Down Aran Sweater! The construction is mesmerizing and I'm really excited to 'graduate' to this sweater after knitting a few top-down things lately. Seaming just intimidates me and I'm thrilled about the idea of making a more complicated sweater. Of course, that is, if everyone stays fairly well in our house. (knock on wood)


Channon said...

I hope your daughter is feeling better already. I am a bit jealous that you got to meet Devon; I look forward to meeting her one of these days too.

What is it with airports?! I spent a miserable multitude of hours in Chicago O'Hare myself this summer, and my heart went out to the mother, alone with three small children...

Katie said...

That aran sweater looks like a really fun and interesting knit. I'm sorry the plane trip was bad, but at least it's over! I'm not a huge fan of traveling. I like the destination, but not so much the actual journey. (Kind of like how I am with knitting.)

Danielle said...

I'm sorry to hear that you had such a rough trip. Nice knitting, though!

tiennie said...

I'm sorry it turned out so crappy! I am jealous that you get to move to Boston. We recently visited for the first time and I want to go back!

Kim said...

Ooh sick kids, that is the worst...then put the airport in with it, I'm so sorry!

That sweater is beautiful..which one? Um, all 3! ;)

Sonya said...

So sorry to hear about the bad airport experience. A sick toddler is difficult at home can't imagine on a trip.

I have a wonderful friend that lives an hour from Boston. I will hook you up when the time comes.

Angie said...

Boston! Wow. I hope you got the worst of the move experience over with this weekend! From my surfing in the blogging world, I think there are loads of nice Boston knitters out there. Once you all settle in, it will be great. Your knitting looks great and the Aran looks really lovely and interesting!

We really must work on hooking up before you head East!

Sue said...

You're leaving me?! ha ~ only kidding of course, though it would be great to say hey sometime before you leave for Boston. I wish you well in this endeavor, Jen. I hope that everyone is feeling much better very soon.

Devonshire said...

I only wish we were staying in Boston....It was so nice to meet you and M and I do hope we can meet up again before we move away. Your top down is looking gorgeous as is your niece's sweater. And guess what, I signed up for a finishing class (took your advice....)

Mandy said...

Wow! You're moving. That is going to be loads of fun (she says with a dose of sarcasm). I used to travel a ton when it was just Jerry around here. The two of us would go to Buffalo to see my parents. Once we got stuck in Detroit for a night, with only a carry-on's supply of diapers. At least they put us up in a hotel.

Anyway, you have awesome knits coming up! Can't wait to see them!

The Knith Degree said...

Lucky lucky you, you got to meet my first born...and isn't she amazing? I'm not just saying that...She can make anyone's crappy day look a whole lot better...Got your comment on my page, you can get my email from Devon. Luigi would LOVE to come see you!