Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Can't Help Myself

In times of stress, I reach for routines. They make life feel safe, comfortable. That's why I'm going to bore you with yet another child's top-down raglan. BUT, this one has a twist.


I have a goal this year of knitting sweaters for my nieces and nephews (there aren't that many of them, but they are multiplying rapidly) and have one down and three to go. I loved knitting that top-down raglan so much that I decided since I have another skein of light brown Cascade Ecological wool in my stash, I'd use that for one of my niece's sweaters. So then I asked my sister: Brown or pink?

Oh the woosh of exhilaration when she said PINK! I already had the Kool-aid on hand so I went to work.


I was surprised it was fairly uneven. I'm not sure why that happened and at first I was upset about it. But after letting it dry and handwinding the huge hank into a ball and knitting the first inch of the sweater, I do like it. It's almost like my very own kettle-dyed yarn.

This shows the true color. The ball, below, does not.


So Friday morning at the hospital I'll be the nervous mom in the waiting room with mottled pink yarn, knitting yet another top-down child's raglan sweater. Trying to calm my nerves with a pattern I almost know now by heart.


amy said...

Good luck Friday. I hope everything turns out fine. I find knitting a comfort, too, and did much knitting this summer in hospital and nursing home.

Sonya said...

Looks like some pink spagetti.

Karen said...

What pretty pink yarn. Hang in there on Friday - I'm sure it will all go well and your little girl will be just fine. I'll send happy thoughts your way.

tiennie said...

How pretty! Wishing you all the best for Friday.

Caroline said...

My experience with food dyes (no KoolAid available where I live unfortunately) is that pouring the colour in with the yarn already the pot will get that kettle-dyed effect unless you stir like crazy. If you take out the yarn while pouring the yarn in (and stirring a little) will give you more solid colours.

Good luck with your daughter's surgery!

Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns said...

I love the effect you've got with that yarn. Do more!

And I'll be thinking of you both tomorrow. I always bring knitting to medical and dental appointments - it never fails to ease the tension!

Angie said...

Good luck with everything! The yarn looks super.

jessica said...

That pink yarn looks awesome, I love how it isn't all quite the same, it makes it one of a kind! Hope all is well!

jackie said...

the yarn looks great. your niece will love it. hope everything went well. take care.

Sharon said...

Pretty yarn! You did better than me. I just get Jessi to do it for me LOL