Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Rock Stars

I've been home for two days and it may seem over the top to some people to say that my knitting life has changed forever, but that's how it feels.

I spent last Thursday through Sunday at Meg Swansen's Knitting Camp. There was an overflow waiting list from the summer camp, so Schoolhouse Press decided to have a mini-camp in Marshfield, WI, in September and I jumped at the chance. There were only about 20 of us, so it was intimate and amazing. I don't know how I can sum up in one post. I've been struggling to think of what to write about the experience, actually.

Meg is a truly very genuine person, completely lovely and a very good teacher. Amy Detjen, who assisted Meg, is very funny, boisterious and talented. Joyce Williams is amazing. Really, I think it took everything we had to not stare at them the whole time with our jaws on the floor. They showed us some amazing knitwear:
Swoon Oh the gorgeousness
We shopped.
We laughed.
Meg & the cake hat
We knitted.
Astrid's Garter Rib Toe-Up Socks
Above all, it was a much-needed escape for me. I hadn't ever been away from my kids for more than two days. We truly missed each other, and I think that was the best part about the whole experience. Although it doesn't hurt that I learned how to do a crocheted steek, too. More on camp when it digests in my brain.

Edited to add...some of my photos will be disappearing from my blog because of this. I am outraged to think someone would steal photos of children and do this. So I will be careful from now on how I photograph my children for public consumption, unfortunately. Sign the petition and do what you can to help.


knitting elephant said...

I'm so glad you had a great time and can't wait to hear more!

And I'm sorry that we have to deal with the other part of your post. Sad sickos.

Angie said...

Hurray for Knitting Camp!!! I am in awe and I'm looking forward to reading more about your time there.

I tried to reply to a comment left on my blog but I can't seem to send to you. Do you have a new email.

Thanks for the link. I wish those sickos would shrivel and find something positive to do. I hope G&*gle does something about it soon or I'll have to vote with my feet. (My first post using the name was rejected.)

jackie said...

knitting camp sounds like it was a great time. it is always so nice to be refreshed and inspired!

people do weird things which make the rest of us have to be careful. it is not fun.

Sonya said...

I read that just a little while ago. I would totally freak out if I was surfing and saw one of my kids somewhere.

Devonshire said...

That is awesome about the camp. Glad to hear you had a great time!

Also that thing about flickr is disgusting and awful. How can people be so cruel, despicable human beings.

Be safe in all we do - in life and on line!

tiennie said...

I'm so glad you had a great time! Wish I could have gone!

The pictures - that's horrifying and why I've never really posted any pics of my kids except for 1 baby pic of each. So sickening that people do that! It's too bad that we can't share pics of our innocent kids for our friends to see without someone stealing them.