Thursday, September 13, 2007

Today, By The Numbers

One 2-year-old girl
One 5-year-old boy
One traveling husband
One crazy mama

Three bowls of cereal eaten
Two cups of juice consumed
One mug of strong tea chugged
Two phone calls
One doctor's office visit averted
Two parks visited
Three beef sticks eaten
Two fruit cups slurped
Two impressive milk-spilling displays
One nap
Four shoes tied and untied three times
Two clothing changes
One poopy accident

(Take a breath)
Cookie Monster

Two knock-down, drag-out tantrums
178 times spent saying "I miss Papa."
178 times replying "Believe me, so do I."
$26.95 spent at a grocery store
Two bags of chocolate chips bought
48 chocolate chip cookies baked
12 consumed
One movie watched
Three fish sticks eaten
One quarter-pound of french fries munched
Four ounces of ketchup consumed
Two loads of laundry washed & dried
Three emails written
Three rooms cleaned of toys
Six diapers changed
One blog post crafted in my head
Four books read
Two lullabies sung
20 stitches knitted before 7pm

How does your day look?


Sonya said...

Boy, you had a long day!

Devonshire said...

OY! What a day you had!!! Here is the to one hard working momma!

Danielle said...

I hope "8 hours of sleep" follows that list!!

Mandy said...

mmmm. cookies.

Katie said...

Looks like my days, almost every day, except (of course) I don't bake cookies every day.

Right now mine includes "24 yards of toilet paper, wasted". My daughter keeps going into the bathroom and taking TP to "blow" her nose. But really she's just messing with it.

knitting elephant said...

Impressive list, I must say! I don't think I could have even kept a list half as well, let alone done all that stuff! :-)

Angie said...

Oh my. I do have to say it is an entertaining post but I'm glad I wasn't in your shoes. :-) Hope papa comes home soon. Chocolate chip cookies, yum!

rams said...

Damn skippy that was a tough day -- and yet not that far from typical. It gets easier. When it does, don't yield to nostalgia.

jackie said...

yep! there is no such thing as a non-working mom! whether they are stay at home or not! chocolate chip cookies help though! take care.

tiennie said...

1 sympathetic Tiennie. What a day!