Friday, September 07, 2007


I've never been one to be trendy. Don't get me wrong--I'm not 'too cool' for it or anything, but back in adolescence, when it seemed to matter, I just didn't have the sense for it. It's not that I looked like a freak, but I've always been pretty boring, style-wise. I did once own Gloria Vanderbilt jeans, in the 5th grade, and I wore them almost every day. See, I really wanted to do it, but couldn't quite pull it off right.

Likewise, I'm not usually one to get excited about the 'it' thing that everyone is knitting. Usually it seems too involved for my tired eyes or costs a lot. It's not that I don't *admire* all the projects, but I know my limits.

But this time, hah, this time....well, here it is.

Saartje's Booties with ties
FO: Saartje's Booties
Yarn: Joslyn's Fiber Farm Sheep's Gift
Recipient: Friend's baby girl
Mods: i-cord ties instead of straps, ala Tangelled Angel and Yarnbird. I liked the idea of ties. I think they'll stay on the baby's feet better. My son didn't care, but my daughter was pulling things off her feet from a young age. Plus, aren't they just cute!? I didn't know if I had tiny buttons, either, and buttons for babies worry me...what if they pull them off and ingest them?

People around me a procreating at an ever-increasing rate! A niece and a nephew are scheduled to make their appearances this year. Yes, I know I'm in my 30s--prime child-bearing years. However, just in case that Wallaby photo from last post was confusing, let me clear up. We have an 'M' and we have an 'N'. We will not be having an 'O'. Or an 'L', for that matter. Love my kids (we are so lucky), but I did not enjoy pregnancy. Most days, two children is more than enough for us.

knitters virtual vacation swap

ALSO...I was the happy recipient of my Knitters Virtual Vacation Swap last week! On the very day of M's surgery, my GIANT package arrived and I feel so blessed. Sonya really made me feel like we were on vacation in Southern Indiana! She took all kinds of photos of the local tourist spots and put them into a scrapbook. And then she sent all kinds of fun things, including souvenir Louisville Slugger baseball bats (they are 1 mile from Louisville, KY), a 'Looavul' hat, some very fun alpaca/cotton yarn, red hots, and on and on! She made me a drink cozy! She filled a huge box! (can I use more exclamation points?!) Thank you so much, Sonya. On the day I needed a package the very most, you came through and I really appreciate it.

knitters virtual vacation swap


Sonya said...

I am so very glad that you enjoyed your vacation. Are the red hots gone?? Did your son like the KY Derby coloring book?

I keep seeing those booties. I think I will have to knit some.

tiennie said...

So very cute! I love these booties!

Angie said...

Very cute booties and what a great package!

Devonshire said...

Awesome package!! Love the booties. The ties are precious.

Sue said...

I have never used Joslyn's yarn, but I did order and send some to someone for a swap package earlier this year. Did you like it?

what a great swap package you received!