Sunday, September 09, 2007

Throw Down

There's apparently a battle on, and I'm going to win it. You see, I happened to have lied when I said that the Sockapalooza socks were the second ones I had knitted. Technically, they were the first because my first pair never got finished and I frogged them awhile ago. I didn't really take to the "two socks on two circulars" method...maybe I didn't give it a chance, but I bent my size 0 Addis and that made me a little miffed.

Anyway, I think the sock gods are punishing me for lying. A little while ago, Aija, all-knowing Sock Pr0n proprietress, advocated for the book "Simple Socks: Plain & Fancy" by Priscilla Gibson-Roberts. So I filed that away, bought the book when I saw someone was destashing it, and then asked my friend Mandy what kind of dpns she was using, and then scored some of them in a trade on Ravelry.

So I had the book, the needles and plenty of sock yarn (hah!), so I took out a huge hank of Interlacements Toasty Toes -- a sportweight to try to lessen the frustration this first time out. And I read through PGR's book no less than three times. I finally was ready to try. This is what I got:

Sock Toe

Gah. Then I had the gall to post it on Ravelry forums, asking what the heck I did wrong. I'll tell ya what I did wrong! I left only 6 stitches at the toe. I don't know about you, but my toes are wider than 1 inch. Anyway, frogged.

The next try does not have a photo because it happened late at night and I couldn't bring myself to document it. Suffice to say that it wasn't good. Way too big.

Now, I know what you're thinking. This sounds familiar, doesn't it? Like the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, kinda, eh? Well, we're not done yet.

Third time a charm?
Round 3...Sock 3, Jen 0
No. Most decidedly not. Too wide *again*. That was 26 stitches on each side and 10 for the toe.

I am nothing if not persistent, though. I cast on again during naptime with 24 for each side and 10 for the toe. Can I just say...I really have this short-row toe down cold! Invisible cast-on, bang. Short-row toe, no problem. Pretty cool what messing up does for your skills, right?


Devonshire said...

Try and Try again, Rip and Rip again and we will succeed. That has been my knitting experience!! The sock yarn is lovely and I wish you lots of luck!!

Sonya said...

That is the best way to learn, and the most frustrating.

Mandy said...

Practice makes perfect, but is not always fun!

Funny thing, too, about those needles...when you asked me which ones I was using, I told you the Inox, but then realized they were just plain metal ones. But since I love love love the Inox, I never corrected myself. Besides, I'm using them for another pair of socks anyway.

tiennie said...

Persistence! Once I figured it out, I didn't need to do any more figuring again for socks. You'll get it!

Deb said...

That yarn is gorgeous!

And the ripping is just part of the battle, a battle you'll win with time.