Monday, January 14, 2008

Contest Winners & FO

Ok! Whew! A lot of people commented! Thanks very much. They were very interesting to read. I got everything across the board with knitting projects, and I hope you found it rather interesting to think about what you'd really like to knit, and maybe you can incorporate that project in your queue this year.

I chose four people randomly (or, rather, gave me four numbers and I matched them up with the commenters). They have been contacted and will receive their yarn hopefully this week. They are:

Vicki Knitorious
Melissa of Banana Migraine
Anne of The Bag Lady & The Pro
Michele of McKnitter

Thanks everyone.

Last week I finished some fingerless mittens for our favorite preschool teacher. She's the type of person who can tell when something is slightly 'off' with your child or you, and she's so caring and knowledgeable and practical with her childrearing advice. I hadn't jumped on the fingerless mittens bandwagon because, truthfully, where we live it's just usually too cold. You need fingers on your mittens. But then I observed what happens on the preschool playground. The teachers have to take their mittens or gloves off a lot to help the kids. So I decided to make these:

Axel Mitts

Axel Mitts
Axel Mitts by Blue Garter
Araucania Nature Wool Chunky color 111

The pattern is written for bulky weight, and as Araucania Nature Wool Chunky is misnamed and is a worsted weight, I jiggered the pattern a little bit. But see how nice? They fold up over your fingers. Perfect for the preschool playground.


Robin said...

I love your mitts...what a fantastic idea!!

~Melissa~ said...

Love the mitts! What a perfect idea for a teacher to wear on the playground!

Vicki Knitorious said...

I sometimes wear my Fetchings at work, but my fingers are still cold! These would be perfect!!

And thank you!

Anne said...

Oh those are really cute! I like that you can fold the fingers up, too - quite handy if it's really cold! And I'm so excited ty ty ty :D

Bertha said...

What a gorgeous color of Nature Wool! Weird that the chunky is actually worsted though? Huh. No matter, the mitts came out awesome!

tiennie said...

How very pretty!

Turtle said...

As an x-K/1st grade teacher those will be perfect! Lol, I just finished the same pair last night! I made them half and half strawberry and lime with the new organic lions brand...very soft! Those will be well loved and appreciated by her to you !

Congrats to the winners!

goodkarma said...

Such a thoughtful and warm gift for your favorite teacher!

Eliza said...

That looks perfect! I'm really enjoying my first pair of fingerless mitts-- I am wondering what I did without them, and I'm' sure your teaches will too!

Sue said...

Those are lovely! what a perfect idea for a pre-school teacher. Congratulations to your winners. :-)

nova said...

Perfect mitts with a lot of thought put into the planning. I am sure she will love the mitts! They are great! Why ia the Nature Wool Chunky misnamed? It kind of irks me.

Michele said...

Wow the yarn is beautiful!! Thanks so much for having the contest. How did you know I loved purple??