Sunday, April 15, 2007

All About the Stash

I have yet to 'flash' my stash. I wouldn't really want to, actually, except that I'm making a pledge to knit from my stash for the rest of the year. Yarn for baby items and swaps and socks are exempt. In other words, no big yarn purchases.

This, after a pretty big acquisition last week. After the big 'got' always comes the big guilt, true? I got 16 skeins of Peace Fleece in the mail. Well, I did get them discounted, but still. So here is Volgassippi Blue (left) and Anna's Grasshopper. I am so happy with the colors. I used to have some Volgassippi Blue in the stash years ago, but didn't use it and sold it. This batch looks much more vibrant with almost a green/turquoise cast. The Anna's Grasshopper is amazing. Very hard to describe. So there's plenty for two lovely sweaters this year.

Not to mention the rest that's in here...
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Sue said...

Oooh ~ it's so pretty! Do you already have sweater patterns in mind? Good for you for knitting from your stash alone (save for the exceptions). Be strong!

Sharon said...

Thanks for sharing! Ditto, good for you knitting from your stash the rest of the year (I wish I had the will power)

Jodi said...

Beautiful yarn! I especially love the Volgasippi Blue. I'm also trying to knit from the stash.

BTW, Madison definitely does count as a vacation for me! My parents live in Minneapolis, and my in-laws are in Milwaukee, so that's why they don't count as vacation. I'm there pretty often.