Saturday, April 21, 2007


I received my wonderful treat box yesterday from Cheryl at A Simple Yarn. Cheryl lives in Dublin, Ireland, and so I received a plethora of lovely Irish items, including two special treats for my kids. How thoughtful--thanks so much Cheryl! I was able to take one photo of the box before my camera batteries died. See the gorgeous wrapping paper?
In there, I tell you, was not one, but TWO candy bars. I scarfed one of them down immediately, I'm not ashamed to say. No photos exist of that one. Otherwise included was an excellent pattern book with patterns for men, women and children, a copy of Delicious magazine (the Italian issue, no less!), four skeins of cotton, (just enough to make a nice baby sweater), Helping Hands lotion from Lush (*very* luxurious), a bath fizzer ball smelling of honeysuckle (how great is that?!) What else? I'm not looking at the contents right now so I'm sure I'm missing something. There were two silly straws with sheep on them for the kids (they ADORE them), and a box of Irish tea. Thanks Cheryl! It was also a great teaching moment telling the kids about Ireland and showing the 4-year-old where it is.

I'm a little baffled that I got this package, all the way from Ireland, in 5 days but it appears my package sent to my treatee in Canada more than a week ago still has not arrived. hmph.


Devonshire said...

What a lovely package. The yarn is a gorgeous color of green! I think packages from other countries get here quicker then when the US sends out to other countries, I wonder why? Congrats on your package and I'm sure your treatee will get hers soon.

a simple yarn said...

Well, I'm so glad you were pleased with your treats! I meant to say that the cotton is an Irish version (which of course it HAD to be, right?), but had forgotten to mention that. And glad that it came on the best day for you! Enjoy!