Saturday, April 28, 2007

Who knew?

Who knew that cleaning out the garage on a sunny Spring morning could be so much fun?

Ok, it wasn't that fun, for at least two of us. But the other two could be said, at times, to be having quite a fun time.

Who knew that a well-worn, cracked and broken pink sled could have a different use...when there (thankfully) was no snow to be found?

Who knew that I would suddenly find yet another photo for Project Spectrum? Like the slacker that I am, I hadn't joined until recently. But I put a photo up there yesterday and will do another today.Who knew my kids could be so sweet...when there were two of the interesting item to play with, of course.


Devonshire said...

How cute are they? Spring cleaning feels so good don't you think? After the fact that is. LOL

tiennie said...

Such cuties! Love pretty spring days for outdoor fun!