Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Fickle (or, What To Do When a Knit Gives You Trouble)

So, the dress hasn't budged. I haven't even frogged it. Something in me--maybe it's the warmer weather?--said that we need a blanket for our family room. Of course this makes no sense at all. I should be working on the Summer Toddler Dress (made from Schaefer Laurel yarn, by the way). But I have been wanting to try a Log Cabin blanket for awhile now and since it's the kind of thing you can knit for a week, put down for a month, and have no problem picking back up, I thought I'd take a stab at it. As a diversion, it scores high points.

First I created a layout based on this lovely blanket.

Then, just started knitting it, referring to the Mason-Dixon Knitting book. The center patch is Rowan Denim, but the rest is Elann Naturelle 8/8 on cones. I bought heaploads of it a few years ago and I'm happy to say that I love it (I have a Wallaby made from it, too). I washed that center patch before I picked up stitches because the Rowan Denim fades so much in the first wash and I was worried about the dye coming off on the other yarns. The Naturelle 8/8 shrinks the same amount as Denim, so I should be OK.

It's M's second birthday today. We're celebrating with a family party this weekend. She helped me make her cake this morning, so now all she's been saying all morning is "Want CAAAKE!" Two. Sigh.


Mandy said...

Happy Birthday to your two year old! What fun.

It's absolutely okay to not think about the dress for a while. You'll get back to it if it's meant to be. If not, you'll have a lovely log cabin blanket!

Kat said...

I love the blankety thing, it looks lovely and cosy, keep it up!

Sue said...

Happy birthday to your baby girl. My baby girl is going to be 13 in September ~ (mixed feelings about that ...ha). I hope she had a lovely day!

Peggy said...

Two- what fun! Happy Birthday to her! And isn't 2 better than 3???