Saturday, June 16, 2007

Here's to Internet Friends

Misti Cotton
Originally uploaded by Friender
An Ode to Internet Friends*

Oh Internet Friends
knitting and not
you brighten my day
with all that you've taught
and cheered, and cried
and shared with pride
your lives and the yarn that you've bought.

Thanks for the yarn Devon! You inspired a poem with your generosity as Swap Pal for the "No Sheep For You" swap.

*I cannot take full responsibility for the lame rhyming in this ditty. Much if it is courtesy of Rhyme Zone.


Devonshire said...

You are so welcome! It was so funny that we got paired up together! Now what to get you for July????

Cass said...

I LOVE that yarn! I have several skeins awaiting the perfect pattern. Isn't it soft?

tiennie said...

Here's to you too!

Anne said...

Ooh very cool. And I think the poem is awesome, rhymes and all :D

Dipsy said...

What a cute poem - and I adore the yarn, my gosh, it's so pretty!

Channon said...

Devon is awesome, the poem is fun, and yet another yarn I must seek out and try...

Sharon said...

That is funny that you 2 got paired in the No sheep swap! I LOVE the No sheep swap. Of course I would love it, NO WOOL!! LOL