Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A Superhero is Born

Ala Mandy, I, too, have been procrastinating with a two-day project. (The sockapalooza socks will be finished, but, ah hell I had to sneak this in.) Because there are the necessary knits. You know what of I speak. For sure M will need a winter hat this coming season, and because I am cheap I already got her coat on sale from last season. So I know what color it is and I have the perfect wool for it. And I do so love the Ear Cozies pattern from Fiber Trends.

I am not sure, however, how I feel about this hat now that it's finished. I made one last year for M, and the yarn I used - Interlacements Toasty Toes - created nice spirals of colors around the hat. I have been having fun with this one, though, trying to make it into a good thing.

You see, on the front, it's a normal hat.
Lightning Bolt Ear Cozy

On the back, however, she has an unintentional lightning bolt of pastel pink! Watch out superheroes! Here comes M, the lightning bolt head!

Lightning Bolt Ear Cozy
gah. I may have to donate this one to the Dulaan project or to my niece. ;) I still have plenty of Plymouth Outback wool left to try again. AFTER the sockapalooza socks are finished, of course. wink wink.


Devonshire said...

That hat is so cute. I'm sure M will look too cute in it for your cold winters. You still have 1 month and a half for the Sockapalooza socks - procrastinate away!

Angie said...

I think a new girl superhero is an excellent idea!!

Mandy said...

Procrastinators Unite!

I like the lightning bolt.

Susan said...

I found you through the virtual vaca swap, so I thought I'd say hello.
I have enjoyed reading your blog :)
See you on "virtual" vacation!

tiennie said...

What an awesome hat!

nova said...

I really like this hat. It seems very practical and of course, cute.

jessica said...

cute hat... I love that it covers the ears! You need that here, it gets way to cold in the winter:) Love the colors, perfect for a cute little supergirl!

Sharon said...

The hat is ADORABLE and you know I LOVE the colors. I love the project too :-)

From one major procrastinator to another...;-)

Ann said...

This is your Sockapalooza pal with a question. Now that I have finally picked out yarn and a pattern for your socks--how long do you like the cuff/leg of your socks to be?