Friday, June 29, 2007

Taking Care

There has been some knitting, but nothing I'm prepared to talk about just yet. It's no big secret, but I feel guilty because it's not Sockapalooza socks. I'm picking those back up again this weekend, I swear.

This knitting has been with Rowan's All Seasons Cotton. A lovely yarn, by my standards. Very easy to knit, soft and makes a fine fabric.

However, the care tag really cracks me up:
Care Label - All Seasons Cotton
This is a cotton/acrylic blend, people. They don't even have the hoity-toity sense to say it's a cotton/microfibre (they are British) blend. I love cotton/acrylic blends for myself and my kids, so I did a little sleuthing and found out what's on some other similar care tags.

Lion Brand Cotton-Ease: Machine wash and dry; do not bleach or iron
Cascade Cotton Rich: Hand wash and lay flat
Katia Mississippi: Machine wash and dry
Plymouth Wildflower DK: Machine wash and dry flat

Nothing about soapflakes. No strange order to "not leave wet" (how does that work, by the way, since you can't put it in the dryer?)

Rowan, come on. Nice yarn, but really. Sometimes ya' seem a little flakey (and not soapflakey) across the pond.


Anonymous said...

Hello, those are some strange directions. Vacations are fun aren't they. Hope you like the one I send you on.

tiennie said...

Too funny!

Cass said...


Chrissy said...


Angie said...

Interesting care tags, eh?! Quite interesting. Thanks for the, contradiction.

laurie said...

I love the instructions other countries give...although our instructions seem odd to me at times too. I know, I's because of the law suits in our country, but still...
BTW, hello from a fellow knitter and summer traveler in KVVS.