Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The Groovy Gift

Thanks, everyone, for being so supportive regarding giving the "gift of time" as one thoughtful blogger put it. Now if only you were my relatives. We can make that happen, can't we?

Sockapalooza socks are blocking on self-made sock blockers. Blowing in the wind. If there was wind. It's fricking hot up here in the frozen tundra. These were only outside for a short time because truthfully I was afraid that a squirrel would take off with them, ala Yarn Harlot's fleece-stealing squirrel. No way was I going to let that happen.

Anastasia Socks

I thought I would show what else I'm sending. Just a few things...

Like this Groovy Retro sock bag. Totally bright and awesome, like my pal.


And this ORIGINS Ginger Float Bubble bath. Plus a little, unpictured, present for her offspring.


This is from my vegetable garden. In North Carolina the growing season was so fun. I'm sure they've had tomatoes down there for more than a month. Sadly, these are among my first cherry tomatoes, just ripening. But pretty all the same.


Looking at these photos, I think I've caught Mandy's groovy green vibe.


Devonshire said...

That bag is too cute! Your pal will love it.

goodkarma said...

I told my friend about your post; she said there was a big article about it in the NYT recently. Sounds like a huge trend (around 50%, she thought) in NY state. So you two are really trendy! (I laugh.)

Your socks turned out beautifully. Lucky pal!

Our weather has been so strange that no one has the beautiful blooming garden that they normally do. I hope your little tomatoes hang in there and grow grow grow!

Mandy said...

Trouble in NC this year is that it has been very very dry. The hot peppers will be super-hot, but we've hardly had any zucchini. Gerald's garden is so big, that it's unreasonable to try and water everything.

Eeenyway. Green is good.

Sue said...

The socks are great! I love the colors and the bag – wow – the bag is awesome. Speaking of frozen tundra, I keep trying to remember that I don’t really like driving in the snow, which is supposed to help me actually like the heat and humidity. Umm … yeah … I’ll let you know if that starts to kick in. ;-)

tiennie said...

Those are so fantastic! Your pal will love all of your gifts.

Anonymous said...

Groovy man, nice bag!


Angie said...

Tomatoes starting! How yummy is that?! All my tomatoes are still quite green. Lovely socks and a great gift package!