Thursday, August 23, 2007


So by now you probably know that the Midwest is under water. Tragedy has struck. But the Midwest is so huge, let's try to localize this a little. Let's have a look at a backyard in Madison, Wisconsin, shall we?
This is standing water that was much more impressive about an hour before this photo was taken, when it was raining. The photographer did not want to go out into the downpour, however, to take a photo. Bad blogger photographer.

Here's what our radar keeps showing, day after silly day:

A whole week of swimming lessons has been drowned out. On the plus side, we made a volcano today:
And I knit. I'm going through a brown phase right now, so here's what is in the works for my nephew's birthday:
N's pullover
A top-down raglan pullover in Cascade Ecological Wool. Love this yarn. I'm a little scared, though, because the pattern says it takes 475 yards for the smallest (2-4) size, and the skein has 478 yards. Who thinks I'll have three yards left? Let's get a bet going here. Over, under or even? Whoever is right will have a chance to win something. I don't really have this all worked out, but I do have excess yarn and you will get to have a choice of items! By next post I'll have them up, I promise.

This is the longest post I've ever written. In other news, our baby girl will undergo surgery on 8/31 for an unknown *thing* on her wrist that is not going away. The surgeon mentioned a possible tumor. I was not pleased, seeing as the pediatrician thought it was an infection that could be lanced in-office. Anyway, I am very distracted and not quite myself. I am reminded of Elizabeth Zimmermann's words:
"Knit on with confidence and hope, through all crisis."


Shirley said...

I am sure all will go well with the wrist surgery. My daughter had the same thing many years ago and it ended up being nothing. They sure like to make you worry tho! Hey, our Mt. Horeb backyard looks alot like your Madison backyard neighbor!

cooler*doula said...

A volcano... Heck, that makes my low ambition shark doccie day seem quite lame. I'm impressed.

If you're up for a meme... Eight Secrets...

Thinking of you all, between the rain, and the upcoming surgery.

Anonymous said...

I think you will have 2 yards of yarn left.

KVVS partner

Karen said...

I'll be sending good thoughts to your baby - I'm sure it will turn out to be nothing like Shirley had with her daughter. I'll also try to send you some dry weather!!! Hmmm, as for the sweater, I'm going to guess you will have four yards left over. :) It's good to be optimistic.

Mandy said...

Please send rain to NC.

My guess (and I feel bad for saying it) but you're NOT going to make it. I think you're going to need to break into another skein.

And about the girl - (I DON'T feel bad about saying this) I know she's gonna be fine.

(p.s. Whenever I read that EZ line, I feel really good about living. Knit on, indeed.)

Bertha said...

I think you'll have 15+ yards left! I think they usually overestimate the amount you will need in patterns...but who knows with individual gauge. I am optimistic you will have plenty of yarn leftover!

I will be thinking good thoughts for your daughter of course!! Hopefully it's a nothing little cyst or something.

goodkarma said...

First up, I'll be thinking of all of you in the next several days as you lead up to baby girl's surgery. Even if it's something small, it's a big thing for a mama to cope with her little one having surgery. I can't imagine how anxious you must be.

The least mother nature could do is give you a break and stop raining, already. Sheesh! But the volcano and knitting do sound like good pastimes. :) I'm going to guess that you will end up with more than three yards left over with your Eco wool pulli. Good luck!

Vicki Knitorious said...

When the sun does come out -- I had a sneak peek for a minute here yesterday -- be sure to have your sunglasses handy because, yowza, after all these rainy gray days, it about burns your retinas in two seconds!

I'm thinking all the good thoughts for your baby.

As for over/under yardage... I'm going to guess that you'll have 5 yards left in the end. Fun contest.

Katie said...

I'm sure everything will be okay with your daughter! I will send prayers. Also, I don't have high hopes for the yarn...3 yards is cutting it awfully close. But, for your sake I hope you can squeak by with the one skein--I hate using just a few yards from a new one!

And like Mandy said, we'll take some of that rain here in the Carolinas.

Trista Hill said...

We had our rain and now the horrid humidity -- (gasp) (wheez) -- I hope it all lets up soon.

I had a cyst on my wrist not long ago. I left it for a while until I discovered it was a ganglion cyst and I smashed it with a book. That did the trick -- no more lump and it really didn't even hurt.

Now, I am NOT suggesting to go smash pretty M's wrist and scare her out of her mind! I just wonder if surgery is the next best thing so you don't have to do what I did.

Love you so much. The final thing was yesterday and it was hell, but the gig more than made up for it. I am so excited about at least that part of what is going on over here...

Channon said...

Sending good vibes and prayers your way, for your daughter's surgery.

Can you tell us whether you knit tightly or not? Do you have a LONG long-tail cast-on?

No? Well, I'm guessing you are going to have very near 3 yards left over.

tiennie said...

Best wishes for a successful surgery and painfree recovery! Poor little boo.

Hmm...I think you'll have more than enough yarn. Thinking positive thoughts here!

Caroline said...

And I (who don't know you at all, but found your blog through Destash) think that you will use up the skein exactly. :)

Devonshire said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your little ones upcoming surgery. I do hope that it goes well and that it is nothing serious. Love the sweater and I think you will have 4 yards left. Stay strong! I will be sending lots of positive thoughts and happy quick healing good vibes to your family while your little one goes through this time and I will also be doing a 'stop' raining flooding dance as well.

Angie said...

Best wishes for the best possible outcome for your daughter's surgery on the 31st.

I am guessing 8 feet left.

Hey! I've seen that radar! :-) Hope your basement is staying dry!

jessica said...

My thoughts and prayers will be with your daughter and you these next few days. Big or small its hard on a mother. You got the rain a bit worse than us... ok a lot worse;O) Though it had been rainy all week, just not a downpour. The kids are getting restless... We've been to the libabrary a few times... free books and movies, whats better?! as for the sweater I'm going with 3 yards(on the dot) left! its one of my favorite numbers!

Brynne said...

Oh, you're all in my prayers! I'm sure she'll be fine and you can rest much easier knowing that it's nothing after the surgery.

I'm guessing you'll have more than 3 yards left.

ikkinlala said...

I hope your daughter's surgery goes well.

Also, I hope you end up having enough yarn to finish the sweater - I'm sure your nephew will love it. I'm going to guess that you'll have over 3 yards left.

tiennie said...

Jen - I tried replying to your comment on my site as usual, and this time your e-mail kept bouncing back. I just wanted to thank you!

I will be thinking of your little one, you and your family!

Anne said...

Oh dear - I hope everything is alright with your daughter!

And, I totally think you'll have under 3 yards ;) If you're like me.. well.. we won't go there :D

~Melissa~ said...

Visiting from Ravelry :)

Good luck with the surgery, it can be such a stressful thing, but I bet she'll handle it just fine and it will be nothing!

The volcano making looks like fun!