Wednesday, November 14, 2007


When I was pregnant with each of my children, I often wondered if they would have any distinctive traits from my husband or me, or possibly others in our families. Our son was born with very little hair, which he promptly lost and didn't grow back for a long time. He didn't need a haircut until he was almost 2 years old. His hair was so light--he definitely resembles me as a child. However, it has become apparent that he's got his father's and grandfather's ability to memorize and learn. He started reading at age 4, and we found out quite accidentally last night that he has memorized 80% of US State capitals. He even knew the capital of South Dakota. Do you? Without cheating? Yeah, he's 5. It's a little scary.

Me, at 3 Me, 3 Boy, at 3 Him, 3

Our daughter, on the other hand, is so sweet and mild-tempered and sleeps so well; she's so much like her father, and definitely has his eyes.

Her and Him

But now I'm wondering...I'm really wondering...if our daughter is going to grow up to be Amy Detjen. I'm serious. She's all about wanting to learn how to knit lately (she's 2!) and just look at the shoes she chose at the Midwest's Largest Shoe Store* yesterday.

Purple Shoes, ala Amy

They're cute, but they're quite purple! Ah well, it wouldn't be all bad, now would it? A prolific, outspoken, funny, kind knitter in the house. With purple shoes.

*Yes, this is the same shoe store that got the Badgers in big trouble a few years ago.


tiennie said...

What sweet kids! Our Montessori school sings this little song that teaches the kids the state capitals. It's funny to hear my 4 year old singing it!

knittinbrit_in_wi said...

What a smart little boy. You have beautiful kids.

As for Amy's potential "Mini Me" - now, that would make life as fun and entertaining as Amy is. You'll have a blast. But then remember - you'll have to share your yarn with her. That could be a downside.

nova said...

Oh my gosh. That is definitely your son!! And your sweet girl is definately a her daddy's girl. So sweet! And they are brilliant too?!

Mandy said...

Pierre? Or is that North Dakota? (Now I'm gonna go look it up)

Your kids are too sweet. Purple shoes are wonderful.

Amy Detjen said...

Lord, how I want those shoes! They are absolutely delicious!

jessica said...

Love the shoes! Leah would adore those, she is a total purple girl!

What cuties they are!

Love the socks for your sisters!

Katie said...

Gosh, he looks just like you as a 3 yo. So cute. And those shoes? Awesome.

Devonshire said...

Gorgeous family! And no without cheating I don't know the capital of S.D. right off the bat. Hope you are well! Also those shoes are too cute, do they come in a woman's size 8? ;-D

Dee said...

Ah...I loved looking at your pictures...I think both of my sons look like me but they act so much like dad.

BTW I would love a lil'Amy Detjen running around, the world can never have too many knitters nor too much purple.

Anonymous said...

It is Pierre, but those of us in the know pronounce it like the thing you tie your boat to.

You do have beautiful kids. I would delight in having a little Amy Detjen running around my house.

Ravelry ID: Resorta

DawnK said...

I know where that shoestore is. We pass it on the way to Hoofbeat Ridge, in Mazomanie. (horse camp - my 15yo's most favorite place in the world.)

The socks are pretty. I love your daughter's shoes. I know the capitol of South Dakota (Pierre), because we visited there about 1-1/2 years ago. (not the capitol, but the state, anyway).

My 15yo is a relatively new knitter, since March 2007, but you should see the stuff she cranks out! Also, she is usually shy and reserved, but on knit nights, she is all over the room, showing off her latest projects and talking up a storm. (rainberry on Ravelry)

That's cool that your son could read at 4yo! I had one kid who learned while in kindergarten and one who learned during the summer between K and 1.