Friday, November 30, 2007

Little Girl Knitting

As it's officially 'crunch' time here, I've been working on finishing knits. The first one is for my niece for her late-December birthday. You may remember I made one for her brother for his October birthday. I used the same yarn, Cascade Eco-Wool, but dyed it with Kool-Aid. And turned it into this:
Abbie's Birthday Sweater - finished
Pattern: Children's Neckdown Pullover #9730, Knitting Pure & Simple
Size: 2-4 (generous for a petite 5yo girl)
Yarn: Cascade Eco-Wool, tan, 1 skein!

Next up were matching mittens for my darling daughter. I made her Ear Cozies a few months back when I was procrastinating on Sockapalooza socks. (Funny how that works, as I'm now procrastinating on the vest I need to finish for my Mom.) I made mittens from this pattern last year for the kids and really enjoy it. Quick, easy and accurate sizing, oh and it's free.
Ear Cozies and Matching Mittens
Pattern: Children's or Adult's Mittens by Sandy's Needle Nook (pdf)
Yarn: Plymouth Outback (1 skein!)

The only way I modified these mittens were to put longer cuffs on them to help keep them on under her coat. It's difficult to see in the photo above, because in the real world, I always put her mittens on before her coat to try to take advantage of the long cuffs.
Peek A Boo
long cuffs

This, unfortunately, was only dress rehearsal for the mittens. My kids are passing around a fever/cough virus, and it's her turn so she stayed home today from preschool. Not that she minds very much. She wore the mittens all morning while watching "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas."
Hooray for a matched set

This latest knit is especially timely given our forecast for tomorrow: Winter Storm Warning with 3-6 inches of snow predicted and 1 inch of ice pellets thrown in for good measure. As well as freezing rain on Sunday. This calls for a trip to the grocery, stat!


Danielle said...

Nice work on the little girl knits. I had not seen that Fiber Trends pattern before, but it is clever :)

Cass said...

ohmyGOSH I just squealed out loud- those pics are SO durned cute!!! great knits! love the hat the best.

Bertha said...

I cannot BELIEVE how awesome that Kool-Aid dyed Eco-wool turned out!! Before I read what it was I was expecting it to be some gorgeous hand-painted indie something or other...Wow.

Eliza said...

I agree on the awesomeness of the Kool Aid dye. It looks fantastic.

And your daughter is adorable! I love that she wore her mittens while watching The Grinch.

Mandy said...

Awesomeness all around. That sweater screams Maggie (which is bad because it makes me want to run out the the lys which I KNOW has a hank of the eco wool in cream - and I cannot buy any more yarn right now for crying out loud).

Your pictures of your gal are really, really wonderful. The hat/mittens are lovely. The model - lovelier.

jessica said...

That sweater is adorable! Love the color(I love kool aid dyeing)

Those mittens are very cute too! So sweet, wearing the mittens whild watching the Grinch! With all the Christmas knitting I'm doing I haven't been able to make the kids new hat and mittens... They still have the ones I made them last year. But Gabe keeps complaining that its itchy ... gerr! I think he really is sensitive to wool, I really don't want to go to the A word, but I'm not sure waht else to do. To add to that its been really cold, as you well know :O)

goodkarma said...

Hey thanks for the links! I have some little girls in my family, too, who could use some cute mitts and earwarmers. I hope you'll survive the arctic blast this weekend!

Anne said...

Ooh awesome stuff! And yeesh look at all you're getting done lately. So jealous!

Robin said...

I love "Little Girl Knits"!! Your projects are all so adorable and your model is the "Bee's Knees"!!

km said...

Saw you on Anne's Sunday Bloglines...and I couldn't resist a comment. I love the KP&S sweater. I was actually measuring my daughter for this last night, but wondered about the sizing. My daughter (2yo) wears a size 5 t-shirt from gymboree. Do you think the 2-4 is still generous enough. It seems like a 6-8 would be too big of a jump. I just frogged an entire KP&S I was knitting for myself. I think I'll have to knit the SMALLEST size. And while I'm not huge, I definitely could use to lose 15 lbs. Are their patterns just sized with lots of ease???

tiennieknits said...

Love love love the sweater! Your little girl is so cute! Pretty knits on her.