Thursday, December 06, 2007


No, not a reference to "Saved by the Bell". But rather an about-face on a knitting project that I've been waffling on for months. I started knitting a Cabled Donegal Tweed Vest in August with the idea that I'd give the finished project to my mom for Christmas. The last time I knit her something for Christmas, it was a bulky wool sweater and she rarely wears it because it's too hot for her. So I thought this would be perfect. So I thought. Over the ensuing months, I keep checking out the pattern, eyeing the ribbing. Thinking about my mom...I don't think the deep ribbing on the waist and armholes is a good choice to flatter her body. Plus I realized, too late, that I had only knit the back and half of one front and I didn't think I could get it done in 20 days.

In comes the part with the ball winder.

I ripped it completely out last night.

And I cast on for a Reader's Wrap. I'm slightly altering the pattern by doing seed stitch on the borders instead of double seed stitch and I'm making the pockets ala EZ instead of sewing them on the outside. But I think this should be a pretty quick knit with no seaming. My kinda project.

Irish Hiking Scarf, sorta

Oh, I finished an Irish Hiking Scarf for my newest sister-in-law. This was my first Irish Hiking Scarf, and due to the aforementioned time constraint (I also have to ship this to NJ), I doubled Cascade 220 and only knit two cable repeats instead of three and got what I think is a *great* chunky scarf. In four days. This is what actually led me to the Reader's Wrap--I was thinking of knitting four cable repeats and making a 'personal afghan' of sorts for my mom, when I browsed Ravelry and found the Reader's Wrap. I'm loving this idea. I hope the execution lives up to my expectations!


Eliza said...

the scarf is looking great! And I bet the Reader's Wrap will be well-used. Don't you love Ravelry for finding the perfect pattern?

jessica said...

ripping out things always scares me;O) That scarf is awesome, and only four days?! wow!

tiennieknits said...

The scarf looks great! Can't wait to see the wrap.

susan in Maine said...

Be sure to send me a picture of that Readers Wrap when you finish it and we'll put it in our gallery.

Happy Holidays!