Sunday, December 30, 2007

Sneak Peek

It hasn't blocked yet, but I couldn't wait to post this. I finished knitting the Elderberry Jacket last night and weaved the ends in this morning. After getting frustrated with Imogen, I pulled this baby out of the knitting trunk and realized I might be able to get it done in 2007.

Elderberry Elegance

I'm going to give it a bath this morning, block it and let it dry and then put on the buttons. It has been very good for me, emotionally, to finish up this sweater. I really want to wear it. You see, it's supposed to be in the single digits the next few days and I could use a squishy warm sweater to cozy up in.

Also some things have been going on at my son's preschool that I could have never dreamed up. He's apparently become his teachers' target for therapy. This, the second time they have suggested a second therapy for a separate thing, we took him to a skilled practitioner who indeed said, no, your son does not need said therapy. He needs understanding teachers. The truth is, as you might have imagined, he does not fit neatly into the little boxes that the majority of kids do, but that does not always warrant a diagnosis. Yeah he's different. He learned to read by himself a year ago when he was 4; I'd say that's different.

The hardest part for me has been, yet again, wondering if I am an attentive, loving, proactive parent or in denial. When our son was very young, he was exhibiting some abnormal communicative development, and while everyone around me was saying "No, no, he'll be fine..." I pushed to get him into the Birth-To-Three program. I never regretted it. His speech and other communication skills are now advanced for his age. Yes, that may have happened naturally, but I didn't want to find out. Now, having the teachers, out-of-the-blue, say that he needs therapy, and feeling inadequate, like I didn't spot something I should have, that has been emotionally draining.

So yeah, I need this sweater. In more ways than one.


goodkarma said...

First of all, your new jacket is lovely and inviting and I really do hope you're able to wear it within the week!

About your boy, I don't know his own personal details, but I have found the exact same situation in my classroom this year... a boy's k and 1st grade teachers both told me he was on the autistic spectrum (undiagnosed), that he wouldn't perform for me unless it was in science class (his own personal interest), that he had strange behaviors, etc. So I started the year prepared to work with a challenge, to talk with his parents about assessment, etc. and guess what I found? A quirky boy, yes, but he's very intelligent AND capable of performing very well. He just needed a little humor and understanding, which happens to be my specialty. (wink) So watch your son carefully, advocate for him, and know that sometimes he will have teachers who do not "click" with him and sometimes he will.

I wish the best for you and your little sweetie!!!

Mandy said...

Your jacket is beautiful. And like goodkarma said, I really wish you the best. Sounds a little sappy but true. It's good to vent and we're on your side. You're a good momma.

jackie said...

the sweater is lovely. beautiful color and looks cuddly as all get out! hope you like wearing it.

i echo all things that were said about your son. schools tend to want students to fit their mold instead of teaching to the needs of the student. this definately does not make you a bad or inattentive mother. hang in there and cuddle up with that beautiful sweater! take care.

Ann said...

I agree with the previous comments about your son's situation at school. Trust yourself-you know your child. And as other commentors have said some combinations of a child and a particular teacher's style don't always work well together (speaking as a preschool teacher myself). Is it possible to have your son moved into a classroom with a different set of teachers who might be more understanding and accepting of his personality? Love the jacket as well-it looks very warm and huggable.

jessica said...

I also agree with the others, I think you and your family knows your son best... not a teacher that has been around him for a few months. Don't doubt yourself as a mother, you are doing the right thing!

And LOVE that jacket! so pretty, What an acomplishment to finish it this year!!! I can't wait to see a modeled shot in a few days!*grin*

Stay Warm;O)

Ruth said...

What a beautiful sweater. Just the thing to armor you'll need when heading out to quell the We-Know-Best dragons at preschool.

If you'd like the story of Her Ladyship's first year at our current elementary school, email me. Suffice it to say that my daughter was not fitting any of the school's notions of what a seven year old should be, and they sort of freaked out on us.

Trista Hill said...

I LOVE this sweater -- it is absolutely gorgeous. Add yourself inside it and we've got an incredible vision to behold.

Therapy is often suggested when the current caregiver/teacher does not want to put forth additional effort to deal with the situation. Who is falling short? Not you, not N. Trust yourself -- you know. You are a wonderful mother and I love you.

DawnK said...

Beautiful sweater and it must feel good that you got it finished!

I learned how to read, myself, when I was 4, too. I went into kindergarten, far more interested in the books in the room, than the toys! I think that threw them off a little, too!